Pod Hostel

Have you ever heard of a pod hostel?

I hadn’t either until I went to Dublin, Ireland and a fellow traveller I met on a tour told me about one he stayed at.

Here’s what I did know:

Pods are small, private beds/spaces most popular in Japan. However pod hotels in Japan are limited to men, and are in high demand in Japan (and spreading to other parts of Asia) for the use of business men exclusively.

Naturally, the idea of a pod hostel peaked my interest and I immediately booked a night at Jacob’s Inn.

For 22 Euros/night you get a bed with an ensuite shower and bathroom (shared among 11 others plus yourself), AND a privacy curtain. After sleeping in 7 different hostel beds at this point of my trip, I was grateful for some privacy and the luxury of a shower and bathroom just steps away, instead of down the hallway.

Luckily I got a bed on the bottom row, but climbing on top does seem like getting into your own private treehouse. Even for someone who doesn’t like small spaces (like me), the space was adequate and you don’t feel claustrophobic.

Storage lockers are also provided under the beds for each person, large enough to fit your large suitcase.

Pod hostels are revolutionizing hosteling, and I hope we see more of this around the world!

Disclaimer: this post was not endorsed by Jacob’s Inn. All opinions are solely of the author’s experience.


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