Malaysia ~ round 2

IMG_1256Malaysia was always a country I knew I’d return to. The foodie in me alone constantly dreams of all the different street foods I had tried on my last adventure in Malaysian Borneo, so I was extremely excited to return to Kuala Lumpur this time.

I appreciate how easy and cost efficient it is to get from KL International Airport into the city centre (Sentral) on the KLIA express in just 35 mins. Plus all signage in Malaysia is written in English AND Tamil so I never feel lost or out of place here – yet another reason why I keep coming back!

Through my love of travelling, food and Instagram, I had met Buvan (we also adventured in Myanmar a few months ago) who was a native of KL, and my local foodie tour guide. First stop, of course, was Brickfields which is also known as Little India, for a traditional Indian lunch. Unfortunately it rained the entire day, but fortunately we stumbled on this festival. We hit up Urbanscapes, a creative arts festival that featured skateboard installations, a craft market, and free activities such as ping pong, flower arrangements and tarot cards. IMG_1263

I knew seeing the sunset was out of the question but we still hit up Heli Lounge, a bar with a ‘patio’ on a heli pad. Even with the mist and fog, the bright lights of KL Tower and Petronas Towers made the city pretty magical.

IMG_1275The next morning I picked up my cousin Christa who flew in from Canada at KLIA and we headed to the bus station to catch a bus to our next destination in Malaysia. I assumed we’d be able to get tickets easily as bus services are frequent and the main method of travel here. Unfortunately it was a holiday in Malaysia and the next bus we could take was not till late that night.  With no other options we bought our bus tickets and headed straight to Petaling Market  to get massages (yes, they are cheap and good!) and food as we had a few hours to kill.

We returned to the TBS bus station to find that our bus was delayed indefinitely. All the attendants could tell us was that there was Labour Day traffic and accidents. That was it. No time estimate, nothing. As a Canadian I was frustrated – how long would we have to wait? 2 hours, or 10 hours?! I just need to know! I was tired, sleep deprived, cranky and wondering why we didn’t just book a flight to Penang in the first place. But living in Asia taught me that no matter how aggressive I got, I wouldn’t get any answers, and all that I could do now was be patient.  Our bus arrived about 5 hours late and all I could think about was that finally I could sleep for a few hours in peace.

You live and you learn, and from this point forward, I will ALWAYS book my bus tickets ahead of time, no matter what anyone tells me!



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