Exploring Long Island

The first time I visited Long Island I was 9 years old. I remember the ocean at night and how I couldn’t believe this was New York City.
20 years later I realized it’s not New York City! Long Island (which is actually a very long island) is the suburban mecca for those who have enough money to get out of the boroughs but not enough to live in Manhattan. It’s actually kind of perfect if you want to be close enough to the city (an hour by train) but still feel like you are surrounded by nature.

Long Island is beautiful and home to the infamous Hamptons. It’s also the home to numerous wineries, which Long Islanders love to frequent on warm, sunny weekends. The houses and streets look like they are out of an old time American movie and the little towns scattered on the island feel homely and quaint. A car is a must to get around and perhaps also a GPS. The island runs east to west with the most eastern part being the beachier and most exclusive part of the island.

Chillaxin at Martha Clara Vineyards in Long Island
A little town I did get to visit and fell in love with was Port Jefferson. It sits right on the water and has an old world feel to it. There is a beach nearby and loads of cute little shops to wander in and out of. The people are friendly and the vibe is relaxing. I can see why the Manhattanites flock to the island every summer!

Visiting NYC for a week was a perfect late spring getaway. The best part of having lived abroad is having friends to visit when you  need a much needed break from your hometown. This also can help your budget and make travelling more affordable and purposeful. I also have to comment on the amazing deal that is Megabus – it was 8 hours each way from Toronto to NYC (plus an hour at the border for passport checks that went smoothly) for a whopping $100! The service was on time and the bus was neat and comfortable, plus free wi-fi that is great for chatting and checking social media while on the road (no streaming). I always have shows to watch on my laptop and a book to read plus being on the road knocks me out easily so taking a bus is actually my preferred way of travelling. I hope Megabus keeps doing what it’s doing because they make travel much more affordable for the average person.


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