Beautiful Beausoleil

Beausoleil Island is a part of Parks Canada and is an island only accessible by boat. The park managed boat goes over once daily, but if you’re one of the lucky ones with your own boat, you can sail on over as you please. There are cottages and campsites (that are actually wooden platforms which make camping much more comfortable) that must be reserved ahead of time. Oh, and this island is home to bears, water snakes and of course, racoons!

The island is located in Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay, a few hours drive north of Toronto.

It’s a family friendly nature reserve that is quiet and beautiful with trails, beaches and lots of wildlife to explore. The island is also a National Historic Site of Canada due to it being home to native Canadians, traditionally. There are a couple of cemetaries as well on the island that displays this history.

I spent a couple of days camping here and the campsite directly faced the lake which was a wonderful sight to wake up to.

The park rangers are super helpful and there’s a food storing shack on the island to help the bears stay OFF your site. However the raccoons are no gurantee, and weren’t afraid at all to sneak up on me and steal my marshamallows and cookies (no smores on this camping trip!).

The beach is beautiful and there are several spots to hang out. The rockbed beach is also home to watersnakes and cute Inukshuks that are scattered around, built with small rocks.
The other side of the island has wonderful nature hikes, where you can climb above and get a great view of the landscape. For nature lovers and families that want a real adventure, this island is just perfect. Although it’s a bit tougher to get to, it is well worth it for the beauty, adventure and the feel of really camping in the great outdoors where you may as well be the only one around for miles. So it might be a good idea to not wander around at night alone. 


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