The Ultimate Pack List

A few friends have asked me “What’s in your pack list?” and it got me thinking that people who don’t travel too often probably get anxious when it’s time to get organized and pack for a trip.

A few years ago this was me as well, super anxious and starting to pack about a few weeks before I had to depart. However these days I usually only start packing the day before and that anxiety has simply disappeared!
The reason is that through the years of travel and having to move my life half way around the world, I’ve learned a thing or two about what I need to take (most important), things I can buy (not as important stuff), and things I can confidently live without (luxuries which we forget about, not important at all).

And making lists REALLY help me stay organized so that even in the last minute, I can go over this list and confidently depart knowing without that nagging feeling like I’m forgetting something.

(also keep in mind that this is a pack list for a 30 something female, I’m sure a man’s list might be a tad bit smaller)

Pack list 

iPhone charger
Camera chargers 
Plane ticket 
Face wash
Face cream
Hand lotion/ sanitizer 
Running shoes/sandals/flip flops
Evening (dressy) outfits 
Laptop and charger
US Money
Photocopy of passport/visa
Hair ties 
Body spray

I hope my pack list helps you in preparing you for your adventures! Is there something you would add to this list? 

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