Dirty Thirty in Cuba

In honor of my 30th birthday I simply had to escape the Toronto winter and celebrate with sun and sand.  Since this was a last minute idea for me (about a week before departure) and for the first time I started searching for last minute deals online and was shocked by the deals I found. And this is how I ended up spending my dirty thirty in a small beachside town called Trinidad de Cuba.
We had to fly in to Cienfuegos, Cuba and take a bus for 2 more hours to reach this little beachside town.  I’ve been to Cuba once before and from the minute I landed I knew this experience would be different. The resort we were staying at is located in the Ancon Peninsula and the town is about a 10 min ride from the resort.
The beaches of this part of Cuba were just as beautiful as I remembered; beautiful blue waters, white sand and not crowded. The locals are friendly and don’t harass you for money or services, which made me feel very safe. 

We stayed at the Club Amigo Costa Sur where the rooms are pretty rustic. I wanted to pay the extra $100 and get a bungalow on the beach for the week but unfortunately they were all booked. However the hotel staff went out of their way to address our needs (like letting me charge my laptop in their office) and although the hotel was only 3.5 stars, the staff really made the experience exceptional. The food on the other hand is another story. Cuba is not known for its cuisine and our hotel had mediocre. I did have one great meal and that was in the town where I paid $11 for fresh lobster! 

The nightly entertainment was pretty cheesy, with the typical dance routines. We only attended it for one night and found the vibe more family orientated. I opted to spend more time on the beach by night since it was pretty tranquil and the sunsets were stunning. It was definetly a quiet resort, with most of the guests being Canadian retirees who visited this resort annually.
Trinidad itself is a quaint and modest colonial town, filled with historic charm and is easily accessible by foot and pedestrian friendly (a bus takes you into town for a dollar from the hotel which is almost the same price as the rum!).
The weather was simply perfect for the end of January! Most days were spent on the beach, soaking up the sun before it got a lil chilly right before sunset. This area was surrounded by mountains so even going for a buggy ride was amazing! Oh, and the stars… goodness!
Trinidad is a great spot for a safe, simple and ideal 5 day vacation, especially if you are looking to just relax and be surrounded by sun, sand, and happy faces.

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