The Everglades

Ever since I’ve seen Dexter Morgan cruise through the Everglades on his boat on the show Dexter, I’ve been wanting to visit this interesting piece of natural swamp located in southern Florida.

The Everglades are part of an interdependent ecosystem which consists of cypress swamps, mangrove forests, pine rockland and tropical hardwood hammocks in the Florida Bay. It is an interesting mix of an ecosystem especially for us from Canada, so I had to spend a day and check it out.

The drive to the Everglades from Miami is about 40 minutes. We went on a river cruise for about 30 minutes which took us up and down a small river. Along the way we were told to look for crocodiles and other birds. It was a refreshing change to the city, and the scenery is quite stunning. However more than a day is needed if you really want to SEE the Everglades.

We were also entertained with peacocks and gator wrestling. The organized tours are always a great bet for families, but for the adventure seekers, not so much.


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