I’m in Miami Beeeeeach!

Miami is known as an adult’s playground, I’d say the 2nd most popular destination for adults after Las Vegas in North America. It’s the ultimate bachelorette party destination – beaches, clubs, designer shopping, hot cocktail waiters, amazing Reggaeton dancers, and Tex Mex galore!

I was lucky enough to experience the ultimate bachelorette party adventure, with 7 other girls in tow! South Beach is the place to be in Miami and its the reason why even the celebrities flock to this part of the city. Some clubs are also owned by celebrities here!

South Beach is a party beach town, just like you see in a Hollywood movie. Ocean Drive runs along the coast and has a boardwalk filled with international restaurants. Collins Ave is the main street where all your shopping needs can be tended to. South Beach is also a tourist destination so if you want to see Miami, you have to get OUT of SoBe.

We stayed at Lowe’s Hotel right on the beach which was luxury at its best. However the disadvantage of being pampered is that you don’t need to step off the hotel grounds and as a result spend all day lying poolside with free snacks and …. wait, is that really a disadvantage when on vacation!?

Typically I like to get out and about and explore where I’m visiting but on this trip, I stuck to my entourage and took in the amenities that were offered. Staying at this hotel was a real highlight to being in Miami and their customer service was excellent!

Aqua Hotel was located right across the street and was our daily breakfast spot – sitting on the patio, people watching over a plate of eggs and OJ, what better way to start your day? And that too at affordable meal prices (Miami is generally pretty pricey).
I got the resort vacay vibe being here, and rightly so with the beach and clubs located side by side. Everyone is in a great mood but instead of a resort, it’s the entire area of South Beach.

Our days consisted of eating, shopping, swimming in the pool, hanging at the beach, and partying by night.

One thing you definitely need in Miami is lotsa cash! Drinks here run you $22 (USD) for a tequila shot! You can also rent a scooter and strut around for $50 a day, and can be found everywhere. The hotels in South Beach come in art deco style so wandering through the streets alone is very amusing and great for photos. And South Beach is very walkable with a great pedestrian vibe. It’s people watching at its best with all the beautiful people who come here to party in style.

Our last night was spent celebrating at Nikki Beach – a beach by day with a great outdoor nightclub by night. We were pretty shade on the real details but it’s where EVERYONE goes to party. I came across people from all over the United States and Canada hanging out at this chic venue.

The best way to find out about what the happening spot is for the night is by talking to the promo guys on the beach. They seem like they are hassling you but the promos are the cheapest bet which usually includes all-you-can-drink at a dive bar, followed by a limo to a club.
However bar hopping on Ocean Drive is also a great way to spend the night.

Even though with heaps to do, you really just want to do nothing at all and just hang out. Life feels like a movie here.


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