Canada’s Capital

This was first time I had the opportunity to explore Canada’s capital at my leisure, with the company of my two cousins. Ottawa was surprisingly more entertaining than I had expected, but summers in Canadian cities are usually the best time to explore due to the wonderful weather and the numerous outdoor events that take place.

After the 5 hour drive from Toronto, we wandered the downtown streets in search of interesting sites. The Fairmont Chateau Laurier sits smack in the middle of the Rideau Canal, creating quite the landscape. Ottawa is easy to travel around on foot and the city is easy to navigate.
It’s picturesque with the St. Lawrence River in the distance, making it feel like real capital city. I don’t remember Ottawa being so pretty, but that’s because the last time I visited was in the winter.

The patios open up in the summer causing quite a buzz by night. We didn’t have the chance to check out any nightlife due to hanging out with a minor, but the city did seem alive by midnight.

We went to the family friendly event that took place nightly at Parliament Hill; a light and sound show that highlighted the notable events of Canadian history. It lasted about 20 minutes but felt much longer due to the declining temperature. It would have been wise to bring a blanket.

nutella banana beaver tail 

Our final day was spent wandering the historic Byward Market, filled with souvenirs, produce and everything in between. We couldn’t leave Ottawa without trying Beaver Tails, which I’m ashamed to admit being Canadian and all. However they were what I dreamed of and more! It was overwhelming standing at the counter, not knowing which concoction of tail to first try. But I later realized you can’t be disappointed, no matter what you choose.

hanging out at Byward Market
chillin with guards

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