Upstate Wine Country

A 5 hour drive south east of Toronto brings you across the border into upstate New York. The wine region here is located amidst the Finger Lakes, creating beautiful landscapes and an epic wine tasting environment. Maria and I took a weekend road trip to visit my friend who lives in Seneca Falls, also home to the New York Chiropractic College. It was the first time I came across a university country town.

Seneca Falls is a beautiful small town especially in the summer. It’s not the typical site of a university – the winding roads are lined with country homes and small farms. The summer brings intense humidity but thankfully the lakes are nearby. It reminded me of cottage country.

There isn’t much to do in this area but visit wineries and taste various wines and whiskeys. Each tasting cost about $2-$3 and included 5-7 tastings. This was a deal in comparison to Ontario’s wine country (Niagara on the Lake) where EACH tasting would have cost $2! Snacks were also provided and we had a designated driver in tow. It made for a wonderful Saturday of wine tasting where in the end, we were all pretty unsure of which wines we tasted but we knew for sure we had a fantastic time.

In total we were able to visit seven wineries in a matter of hours. These included
Eleven Lakes, Cobblestone, Knapp, Goosewatch, Buttonwood, Cayuga Ridge and Thirsty Owl.
Each winery had its own character. This area is a photographer’s dream, creating picture perfect landscapes meshed with green grass and sparkling waters.

It’s a day well spent and not too far away is the town of Ithaca, a hippie’s dream. It’s what one would imagine of an American small town – the downtown area is pedestrian friendly, has loads of hemp shops and cafes, and international cuisine is not hard to find.

At first glance Seneca Falls looks like a boring old country town, and everything is a drive away. Surprisingly I really enjoyed my weekend here due to all the wonderful people I met that made it very eventful.
It goes to show that you can’t judge a place by it’s first appearance. All it takes is some time to get to know the nooks and the locals (or the locals who can show you the cool nooks) to make any place worth the visit.


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