Diving with Sharks

You don’t even have to know how to swim to dive in an aquarium filled with sharks, stings rays and loads of other schools of fish. Scuba in Korea is run by a Canadian divemaster who guides those interested in a shark dive into the depths of the Busan aquarium to experience life among them for 30 minutes.

The entire ordeal takes a day commitment; you need to sign your life away first, followed by an orientation of the aquarium animals that we will be seeing in the tank, and finally a training session on basic scuba skills in the tank.Once in the gigantic tank, 30 minutes feels like a few hours. The downside of hopping along in a tank is that you can’t swim (since it will attract the sharks) and you are limited to how much you can see and do. The tank is only about 3 meters deep so it’s perfect for beginners and first timers. It gives you an excellent taste of what scuba diving is all about, and makes you feel like a hero for being surrounded by a bunch of lazy sharks.

It is a surreal feeling to see the sharks and sting ray sail right by, without a care in the world since they seem accustomed to human visitors. But with the lack of space, you are more of a spectacle for the Korean visitors admiring you from the outside as well.
Overall for 70,000 won its not a bad deal to claim you ‘dove with sharks’. When you are shark diving in the ocean you are dropped into the waters in a cage, so this is quite the experience to be in open waters with them.
Michael was a wonderful divemaster who made us all feel very comfortable and our dive fun and memorable. For those interested you can find more info at Scuba in Korea.
The dives are only on the weekends and they get filled up fast. And it’s important to be hydrated and well rested for an enjoyable diving experience.

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