Sunny Singy!

I returned anxiously to Singapore where I had 3 more nights before my flight back to Busan. This would also mean the inevitable end to my wonderful summer vacation, so of course, I had to go big before I go to my Korean home.

I met Susy in Borneo and she was heading to Singy at the same time as I was. We decided to hang out together for our time in Singapore. We both decided on main thing we both really wanted to do – Universal Studios! It had just opened in Singapore this year and tix were hella expensive but I have never been to any of these theme parks so money didn’t seem to be an obstacle.

Clark Quay

I felt like a kid again, so many different rides to choose from (although once inside we realized many weren’t working yet) and pretty awesome movie themes – Shrek, Madagascar and Mummy Returns were my fave. We saw the Madagascar penguins put on a dance, rode a pretty cool indoor roller coaster that made me scream and saw a 4-D Shrek movie.
A pretty amazing day.

We also headed to Orchard Road for more shopping. An entire day was spent just shopping and I can’t complain. It was wonderful to be power shopping and finding things that fit and don’t look the same. The prices are a lot steeper than Korea but I’ll pay for style, thanks. It actually reminded me of shopping at home because of the underground shopping malls that are all connected, and being able to understand the sale signs. In the end I spent way more than what I had budgeted. Maybe I’ll get lucky at the casino?

Marina Bay Sands is a newly built hotel in Singapore. It is also home to one of the first casinos in Singy. Of course I am a casino fiend, can’t get enough of roulette! And this place was filled with serious gamblers! Minimum bets started at $5-$10 for roulette and $50 for blackjack. Clearly I didn’t stay for too long, I won $40 which was enough for one night. It is a massive casino in a beautifully expensive hotel. If I was a millionaire, I would def stay here.
a model of the Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino

It was quite comfortable to be in Singapore. The nights are humid but there are no mossies which was a much appreciated relief. The days seemed to go by too fast. Susy and I explored by day and partied it up by night. After all, Singapore has one of the best nightlife scenes in Asia. I was also lucky to know a couchsurfer in Singy who took us to all the hot spots. The main area is Clark Quay right on the river. People head here to pre-drink by the river before hitting up the clubs. Drinks and cover are uber expensive, basically Toronto prices and a bottle of vodka will make you dig deep in your pockets – $50!!
I felt at home at Clark Quay, reminded me of the entertainment district in Toronto due to the line of clubs, bars and restaurants. People here know how to party; we had fabulous nights!

shopping on Orchard Road

It was dangerous because at the end of my trip the only thing that kept ringing in my mind was that I could live here. Maybe I should apply for jobs.. just to see what fate has in store. After all, everyone here seems pretty content. It’s a diverse little island with happy hearts, clean streets, amazing fashion sense, plethora of cuisine and tropical weather.
Urban paradise does exist.


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