The Perfect End to a Perfect Vacay!

Initially I wanted to scuba dive. I haven’t yet explored underwater since my certification in Thailand a year ago. But not having diving buddies can be discouraging. Instead I chose to sea walk or helmet dive with my friends and I’m definitely pleased with my decision to do so!

You get escorted by scuba divers underwater, a few meters or so with a massive helmet that weighs a few kilos that is supplying you oxygen the entire time. You don’t need to do much other than equalize as you go down and once at the bottom of the ocean floor, you get to chill out while the scuba divers take pics of you and the beautiful fish. The visibility wasn’t the best but being able to be underwater with this helmet on my head still made me feel like an astronaut. This is especially ideal for non-swimmers because you get to hold on to a rope as well the entire time. Our scuba diver escorts were also extremely accommodating and made us feel safe the whole time. I was quite skeptical at first, the idea sounds absurd, but it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. I still prefer to scuba dive though but to be underwater with just a helmet on.. it’s surreal!
helmet diving

After a great morning of sea walking we decided to go horse back riding in the afternoon. Another first for me and something that I have always wanted to do but have been nervous to actually do it. We headed off the beach for this, since the stables are located more inland, in heart of the town that’s on the island. Of course all eyes were on us the entire time as we rode these horses for an hour past local houses and Boracay life as it happened.
I was still nervous, picturing myself getting thrown off the horse and being paralyzed forever. My horse was also pretty naughty the whole time which made me more nervous but thank goodness for the little Filipino boy who was learning how to tame him and kept hitting him with a stick (very cruel, but it worked!). After about 30 minutes into the ride I finally felt calm but of course my ass had to start hurting. How do these horse riders do it? It was very cool to see another perspective of the island.

Our entire time in Boracay has really been one big party. This island is known as party central in the Philippines and attracts domestic and international tourists. It’s home to prostitution as well which brings in heaps of Caucasian male tourists. They also play top 40 music over and over again which is not annoying at all when you are downing Redbull and vodka all night long. The party vibe is strong and it feels like the tourists never sleep.
partying with the locals

Our last night in Boracay had to be memorable. We were already dreading heading back to Korea and the end of our spring break. Lucky for us, we got an inclusive invite for a private open bar party at Shangri-La, the ritziest resort on the island, tucked away in its own corner with high security and people treating you as if you are a celebrity. It was a magical way to say goodbye to what seems to have become one of my favorite places. The final sunset was exquisite and life was good!

back on the boat, heading to the airport

The Philippines has been an unforgettable experience. Somehow everything worked out in our favour and it’s the first time that I haven’t felt the need to plan out my trip. Maybe it’s the experience of traveling that has made my nerves calm down, but whatever it is, I have become extremely more comfortable traveling in Asia.


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