Sweet Paradise

The most anticipated part of our trip to the Philippines has been spending time in Boracay. My friends and I have been craving for sun and sand for the past few months in rainy, cold Busan.

White Beach

I wasn’t sure exactly how we were going to get to the island but I knew we were gonna make it somehow. Flights only get into Caticlan airport – they don’t fly into the island of Boracay itself. But once at the tiny tropical (as in open air, no doors, no real security) airport, finding transportation the island worked itself out much like in Thailand. We had to ride 2 tricycles (the Filipino version of a Thai tuk tuk but seats 3-4 people) and a dinky boat. But once we got to our hotel, we were completely in heaven!!

Le Soleil has been the best hotel I have ever stayed at. The customer service was excellent, along with its prime beachfront location on White Beach, next to all the action. We instantly knew the next few days were going be just as we had imagined it to be.

After a day of relaxing and soaking up the sun I was ready to explore. My friend Maria’s ‘hairdresser’ (the lady that gave her Jamaican braids) was of course selling us on everything possible to do in sight. We finally gave in on what we thought was a deal and spent the day out on a boat, in pursuit of snorkelling around the island. The boats here are all pretty small and it was nice to have the boat just to ourselves, plus the hairdresser and the boatmen. Unfortunately it was an extremely windy day and the boat ride was not pleasant at all! The places promised to visit were apparently inaccessible due to the rocky waves and the spot she took us to snorkel had jellyfish!!
I was not a happy camper. We had to politely ask to be taken elsewhere so we could at least get our money’s worth of snorkelling in for the day.

Puka Beach

The best part of the day was visiting Puka beach which is on the north side. It’s a shell beach which is completely isolated and is rather small. White Beach in comparison is about 5 times as big. Around the island there are loads of private beaches and villas. Bulagog beach which is directly opposite White Beach on the island is famous for kite surfing and we met an awesome couch surfer from Scandinavia who was there for months, just kite surfing. It was great to have someone that showed us where to go at night as well since White beach is packed with bars that come filled with prostitutes.

It’s simply wonderful to lie in the sun, sipping fresh mango juice and experience magical sunsets. Being called ‘maam’ every 5 minutes however, can get to be very annoying.


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