Ringing in 2010 – London Styles!

Back to London after a wonderful few days in Italia. The cold hit us as we stepped off the plane, along with the massive amounts of snow that had piled up over the past few days. While we were in mainland Europe, London apparently encountered the snowstorm of a century where the entire city stopped!
It’s hard to imagine a city as busy and huge as London coming to a halt at all but I suppose weather can do that.

Uxbridge Tube Station – home base

There were many plans for London upon our return but due to tiredness and lack of time there was only so much we could actually do.
One of my biggest desires has been to watch a play in London and thanks to my amazing mates it had come true! I finally got to The Lion King musical in London on new years eve. It was very enjoyable for the eyes and ears and I feel lucky to have been able do share this moment with my closest friends. Getting these tickets were quite tough though, especially because we were standing in line the day before new years eve, hoping to get a deal. We paid a lot more than we had anticipated but again, well worth it!

After our wonderful day at the theater, we dolled up to head out into town (on a 1.5. hour tube ride) to ring in the new year. We ended up at a Tamil jam since we got a deal and really, I could have been anywhere in the world but what made this new years eve memorable was that I was in London with some of my bestest friends, eating samosas and mutton rolls and suffering the heartburn afterwards.


It was a wonderful way to also end my 3 week journey in Europe. Of course my last day in Uxbridge was spent recuperating from the damage and relaxing before my 14 hour flight back to Korea.


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