Everyone I spoke to about Italy told me that Florence was the best part. The couldn’t explain why, but they would all awe about how beautiful the city was.
After coming here I can totally understand!

Santa Maria Duomo
Florence is definitely my favourite place that I have been to in Italy and it will be a hard one to top.
inside Duomo

It is a small city but one that is rich in history and the arts. Tuscan pasta has been by far the best we have encountered as well at very reasonable prices. The people are relaxed and extremely kind. It’s a blessing to be here during Christmas to really enjoy our holidays.

Santa Maria Duomo is the center of the city and it feels like the city has been built around it. Florence is exactly what one would imagine Italy to be – cobblestone walkways, historic churches filled with elegant artwork, each unique with its own story, friendly locals and tourists who are keeping at an easy pace. The whole vibe of the city is refreshing.
This is also a university city filled with students yet you wouldn’t get that vibe in the daytime, but by night Florence CAN party!

Amo river runs through the city and Ponte Vechio is the bridge filled with shops (and touts selling brand name bags). It’s a pleasant site by night where people are strolling leisurely. The mild weather in Florence also put us in high spirits, allowing us to take in the city in an enjoyable manner. A lot of our time was spent walking, eating and exploring.

Our last day was spent trying to find Pizzale Michelangelo which was quite the task to find since taxis are quite hard to find in general. This pizzale is located a few feet above the city from where you get a magnificent view of the entire city. We got there for sunset and enjoyed the view with others.

Florence is also the home of the infamous David statue. There are numerous museums in Florence for the art buff but quite pricey if you aren’t in the Euro state of mind. But Florence has much more to offer than just its art. It has an incredible vibe and something for everyone.


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