East Coast of Tamil Nadu

David met me in Chennai to travel the south of India together for the next 2 weeks. After a couple of nights in Chennai doing absolutely nothing but hanging out with couchsurfers, we headed south on the East Coast Road towards Mahabalipurum. It’s a small fishing village that seems to be quite popular with the hippie backpackers. The entire village caters to the tourist but on a very laid back note.
Mahabalipurum is known for its stone carvers who are also known to be the best in the entire country. It also has a few stone temples from the Pallava dynasty (we got a glimspe of the Shore Temple since it was closed by the time we got there) which would have been more interesting to me if I knew anything about the art. We did meet some artisans and sat down and watched them work before David bought a marble candle holder.

just chillin on the beach

The beach is more like a parking lot for longtail boats. It’s also a resting spot for cows! Since I’ve been in India it seems that cows are just as part of traffic as any other vehicle, it’s quite amusing. They are calm and go about minding their own business, eating garbage, chilling out on the beach, whatever floats their boat I guess.

After strolling the streets at night it seems that this place is ideal for stoners and yogis alike. As for me, it’s too quiet and the beach is not that inviting. After a night we decided there wasn’t much to keep us here for longer.


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