Chillin in the Pot

Kampot is a quaint town on the river. As the Lonely Planet states ‘it’s not a place to do, it’s a place to feel‘, and that’s exactly what we did. It feels like being in cottage country in Ontario.

The town is small enough to explore by foot or bicycle, so we rented some bikes and rode around for a few hours before realizing the best view is of the river which has the Elephant mountains right behind it.
All the main establishments are also located by the riverside where you can have a meal while the sun goes down.

Kampot attracts a lot more of the independent travellers so it’s a great place to get the real experience. Locals are also very friendly and helpful.
But after 3 days in Kampot it’s easy to run out of things to do. Being a small town accommodations are also really limited by which I mean mosquito netted rooms and animals scratching on the bungalow walls by night. It felt more like we were camping, especially when we found a leech in our room! I also have not felt more dirty for so many consecutive days.
All these experiences combined have made me realize how much of a city girl I really am. So much for roughing it!
On top of it all we decided to get a massage by the blind (great cause!) but it was Japanese shiatsu which is very different from the Thai and Swedish ones I’ve been getting so it was also a very unpleasant experience.
chillin by the lake

We will be making the 4 hour trek back to Phonm Phen (this time on a bus) tomorrow morning in hopes of a soundly sleep tomorrow night.


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