The Cancun of Thailand

 My island hopping in Thailand is coming to an end. I’m currently on Ko Samui which is the furthest south in the gulf of Thailand, and also the biggest and the most touristic.
I have been here for 3 days and it’s more than enough time here for me. There seems to be no such thing as budget accommodation; the beaches are filled with resorts.
I’m staying in the north east part of the island on Big Buddha beach. There is no real beach here tho, a lot of piers and a big golden Buddha sits on the beach.
I have been riding a scooter again, confidently and alone this time. Yay me!

The main beaches are on the west coast of the island which I explored yesterday. Lamai beach is a long with shell sand, but seeing them filled with resorts really spoils its beauty. Cheweng is the most popular beach and reminds me of Cancun, which flashy lights, tanned foreigners from all over the world, and heaps of shopping. I chose to stay in the north solely because I wanted to stay out of the tourist trap, but even here the streets are filled with services catering to the tourists. It is not as condensed though and the crowd seems more laid back and independent.

Samui is a beautiful island, but the overdevelopment has spoiled its beauty making it something that it should not be. A lot of people just fly here, spend a week of tanning and drinking and head off, not learning a speck about Thai culture. But I suppose its the same as all the North Americans who head to the south like Cuba and the Dominican and do the same thing.
This is why I prefer to backpack and do as the locals do. Travelling and vacationing are 2 different things. The former is for the sake of learning and interest while the latter is simply for personal pleasure.

 Big Buddha

 Sometimes I feel like I can be a pretentious snob, looking down on those that just laze on the beach the whole time they are in paradise. It takes a while to realize that not everyone has the opportunity to spends weeks and months at a time exploring the world at their own pace.


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