Paradise Found!

 Ko Phangan is the island paradise I have been seeking. I am staying with a couchsurfer who is kind enough to host 5 surfers at the same time in his one bedroom beach house. The house is located on Hin Kong bay which is on the west coast of the island, facing the ocean which means I wake up to the roaring of the waves.
Just when I thought I had overcome a huge challenge with diving, I am face to face with yet again another new venture – driving a scooter!
The island is small enough to see it all by driving around, but with the hills and semi-paved roads it can be a little daunting. The choice was either to sit where I am for 5 days or jump on a scooter. Being Canadian I am super safety conscious and refused to go above 40km/h. Luckily I doubled with another surfer who owns her own scooter in Australia, so when we headed up to the more secluded areas, I let her drive.
The beaches in Ko Phangan are beautiful but my favorite is Coconut Beach which is laid back and secluded with hammocks and a rocky beach.

Aside from the beaches the biggest attraction on this island is the partying. The full moon party is a world famous beach rave which is really over-rated. There is basically a beach rave to the same extent everyday on Haad Rin beach. People getting drunk on the famous Thai buckets, passing out on the beach and getting glow in the dark body paintings. This pretty much sums up the partying vibe.
I much preferred the beach hopping; I have explored almost the entire island, minus the north east coast which is the rockiest.

Full Moon party means getting painted on by randoms and everyone is your best friend!

Ko Phangan has an uber relaxed vibe. The locals are friendly and the towns are quiet. People are smiling and are chillin in true island fashion. It’s like the Jamaica of Thailand, where reggae bars and Bob Marley music can be found in every corner. It’s a backpackers dream come true, as long as you stay away from Haad Rin that is.

It was nice to be with people and explore. We had nice dinners and lots of travel talk. But after 5 days of sleeping with 2 other people in the same bed, I am looking forward to alone time.


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