Island Life

Ko Tao is the smallest of the 3 islands on the south east coast of Thailand, located in the gulf of Thailand. Even though it’s the smallest, it’s still ram packed with tourists.

Ko Tao sunset

The main reason I came to this island is to complete my open water diving course, something that I have been meaning to do for a while now because a lot of the places I want to visit in the future are known for its dive sites. I got half price accommodation right off the beach because I’m doing a 4 day course.
Although Ko Tao is small there are still heaps of different beaches and smaller islands off of it. I’m staying on the main beach, Sairee beach which has beautiful sunsets. The tourists here are mainly from Europe and most people come this way to dive since the waters around this island have great visibility and an incredible amount of marine life.

I completed my 4 day course today which included 5 dives. At first I was quite nervous about the whole ordeal but I’m proud to say I overcame the challenge and now feel quite comfortable diving up to 18 meters. Once you are underwater you forget where you even are. It’s a whole other world where you float like an astronaut.

It’s been the most difficult meeting people here; for some reason tourists are not too friendly. I’ve enjoyed my time mostly on the boats and diving, as well as eating some delicious Thai food. Living here is not expensive at all, but accommodation can get to you if you are on your own since basic bungalows are meant for 2 people.
I’ve become quite comfortable here, everything is a step away. But I would still prefer a bungalow on the beach so I can wake up to the waves. Perhaps at the next island, which I will head to tomorrow morning.


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