The Land of Smiles

Thailand is incredible! As soon as I entered Bangkok I was overwhelmed by Asia and its contrasts of colors and smells. I thought after living in Asia for a year it wouldn’t phase me but yet, Asia manages to surprise and entertain me over and over again.

 I was worried about getting bothered by touts (like in Beijing) but I guess I have learned to look confident, like I’ve done this before. But I haven’t! It’s my first time travelling solo and it has been scary but also rewarding in knowing I can do this.
My first night in Bangkok turns out to be quite the story to share.
I stayed at a guesthouse which is owned by a couchsurfer. I met some folks there and headed to the all famous Ko San Road to chill out with some beers at the reggae bar. After an hour or so there happened to be a drug bust at this bar!
As random as that was, they decided to take me and 2 others I was with into the narcotics unit for questioning. I was there until 1am! The owner and an employee of the bar were found with marijuana on them
so they were arrested and we were all put in the same police van. I had no idea what was going to happen, all I knew was for once, I wasn’t doing anything wrong.
At the police station they told us that the Thai men had told them that we were buying drugs or something along those lines. These kinds of things seem to get lost in translation. After searching our things and taking mugshots they escorted us to the guesthouse so we could show them our passports, which they videotaped!
Ko San Road

So note to self and all others travelling to Thailand: STAY AWAY FROM THE DRUGS!
These cops were playing undercover for a long time and this was a crazy bust that was being planned for a while.
I fell asleep in the police van on the way back to my guesthouse.
Funny thing is I have yet to try Thai food. There are street vendors everywhere but truth is I’m a lil nervous as to how clean things are and how my body will re-act.


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