365 Days in Korea

Another year in another country is coming to a close.
I still cannot believe how fast 12 months can really be!
Korea has truly been a learning experience; a mix of good and bad that has really allowed me to grow and learn in ways that were unimaginable.
It is the reason I love to travel; just when you think you have seen it all, something new pops up to blow your mind!

Moving to Seoul was a quick decision but one that I do not regret one bit. It has given me more opportunity than I had ever expected. It has also allowed me to meet amazing people who I have been lucky enough to share incredible memories with.

But with all cultures and places there is the stuff that I will also NOT miss, such as:
 •  streets reeking of urine at all times
 •  the pushy adjumas (old ladies) in the subways
 •  the crowded subways where getting a seat is basically impossible, esp on the green line
 •  crazy polluted air of Seoul
 •  taking an hour to get anywhere from anywhere because the city is so big

And now the good news …
I will be returning to Korea in August 2009 because I have found a new teaching job, this time in Busan! What this really means is that I will have 2 more years to study the language and immerse in Korean culture (cuz in a year you are just scratching the surface). Even with the things that irk me, I guess I still can’t get enough.

The stuff I will be looking forward to are:
 •  jimjilbangs!
 •  cheap cheap cheap shopping that is available everywhere
 •  the city being alive at all times of the day
 •  great food, low prices, fast service!
 •  being by the beach in Busan
 •  super efficient subways
 •  partying all night long
 •  kimchi jigaye (stew) and kimchi begumbap (fried rice)

In a few days I’m off to start a new adventure. I will be travelling to Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and South India in the next 2 months before returning home to Toronto.
Now THIS is why I moved to Korea, because if I lived anywhere else in the world there would be no way I could afford this.

The next few months are going to be crazy as I crisscross around the globe. and I simply can not wait for the craziness to start!!


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