Clearly a Natural Wonder

Beijing is bitterly cold! It doesn’t help that the rooms are also not heated well. Of course Beijingers are used to it while the spoiled westerners can barely get out of bed.

Today David and I bundled up and headed to do a 10K hike up the Janshanling section of the Great Wall.
Of course I have heard from others who have visited the wall how amazing it is, but I was really in for a surprise. The hike was harder than I imagined since this part of the wall is not as touristic (which is a lot better, but even still we had touts following us for 5K) which meant that parts of the path were crumbling and it was extremely hilly. Thankfully I made it to the end which is the beginning of the Samatai section and it only took us 4.5 hours!!
I was with a group of couch surfers so it was great company and good chats along with magnificent views and the bitter cold which after a few hours became refreshing.

The Beijing air is getting me very sick with a bad cough which is basically keeping me up all night. I’m thinking I should have gotten a mask. And to think, the air must be 10 times worse in the summer. I don’t know how people live here, the pollution is extremely harsh.


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