Peace Memorial City

Hiroshima is made famous by the tragedy of the world’s first A-bomb which was dropped on this city during the second world war. David and I wanted to visited Hiroshima because we felt that it would be interesting to visit a Japanese city has not been made popular by trends or culture.
our hostel 

We stayed in hostel in Hiroshima was which just as nice as our ryokan in Tokyo but for half the price, and we got our own room! It was a bargain even with it being one of the 2 hostels in the downtown area of the city.

We only had a day in the city so we spent majority of it at the peace memorial park. The park was built to remind the world about the tragedy that had changed Hiroshima forever and to stop the use of atomic weaponry. There is also a children’s memorial to honor the numerous children who had perished in the bomb as well those who died afterwards from side effects such as leukemia from radiation poisoning. This is also where all the paper cranes are that are sent from children and people all over the world to remember the children as well as Sadako who was a child that only wished to live even though she had cancer and so she vowed to make 1000 paper cranes but died before completing it.

Peace Memorial City

We also visited the museum which is located in the park and it really got me choked up. There is clothing and remainders from houses from the day of the bomb that are kept here along with their stories. I felt I had learned a lot about American and Japanese relations as well about the WWII in general. Details are always fuzzy from what you learn in high school but this was a great look into those things that really matter, but you forget along the way.
The A bomb dome is the spot where the bomb was dropped and the building still stands, well the frame at least. It’s left as another reminder and seeing it can only make you wonder the exact state of how the city was when this happened. It definitely was eye opening!

A few hours in the peace memorial is more than overwhelming. You can only walk away with remorse for those that had to endure this first hand. We had planned to see Miyajima which is the most pictured place in Japan. It’s a floating tori that is by an island that has a temple and you can only get there by the ferry from Hiroshima. We wanted to go at night but it turned out that we had missed the boat (again!) on the times and we could only take the last ferry which would basically take us there and turn around right away so we could only see it from the boat.
We still tried to take pics but in the dark, it wasn’t too great.
But it was great to have some fresh air since the humidity in Japan is crazy this time of year.

We head back to Fukouka tomorrow to take the ferry back to Busan. Our time in Japan was interesting but it went by fast. I was actually never interested in coming here at all but now I’m glad I made the trek.
Everyone claims Japan to be expensive but it’s just like travelling in North America, and really, it’s worth the money because it’s great to see an Asian country that has come up to Western standards yet is still cultured and holds on to it’s heritage.


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