This weekend was the 11th annual Boryeong Mud Festival on Daejeon Beach.
It is about 3 hours south west on the train from Seoul. I headed there with about 10 of my friends, Korean and non-Korean and had the best weekend since I’ve been in Korea.

an adjuma (old lady) covering herself with mud

The mud festival is a massive tourist attraction, mainly because the idea of being soaked in mud is more exciting for foreigners than for Koreans who are all about being so meticulously clean. They had ads for it all over the Seoul subway stations since I first got here. I also heard from co-workers who went last year that it was a fantastic time, so of course, we booked our hotels and train tickets early. That was a good idea.. everything is sold out on these weekends, obviously!

The mud festival entails a main area with a stage that had concerts and activities such as mud wrestling, mud pools, mud slides, and a mud jail for those who refused to get muddy! There was also self-painting mud stations where you easily paint yourself in mud.

The idea was to get muddy, then get clean in the ocean water (that was horribly dirty considering the amount of drunken people swimming about), then get muddy all over again.. and repeat all while drinking some beer and soju.
How can that ever be a bad time?!
Along with all my friends from Seoul I went there with, I also ended up hanging out with/bumping into all my co-workers and couch surfers.
getting painted

This is one event I highly recommend for anyone visiting South Korea in July, it is held for 2 weekends.
I have never experienced anything like it. It’s the rush of being with so many people who all just want to have a great time. So it’s basically a big beach party covered with mud that is also actually REALLY good for your skin (BONUS!).


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