I’ve Got Some Friends …

We’ve had some times I wouldn’t change for the world!!

As always, all good things come to an end.
I have accomplished what I came to Australia for: my education degree.
Along the way I have acquired not just a piece of paper that will allow me to manipulate the minds of young ones, but also the friendships of many from across the globe and crazy adventures and priceless memories that I will hold in my heart.

Australia was definitely the time of my life! I came here with no expectations, and this year has exceeded my wildest dreams. Life here was surreal, every moment of it. There were the downs along with the ups, but reality does have to kick in from time to time.
Travelling is the most rewarding experience, but at the moment I need to sit still for a moment. So I am more than happy to be going home in 3 weeks. After some quality family and friends time, and making some cash I will be off again… only the world knows where and when that will be.


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