The Event That Stops a Nation

The Melbourne Cup is a massive horse racing event for which the state of Victoria actually has a holiday for.
It’s unbelievable how huge this is, it lasts one week and has 3-4 massive races.
My friends and I decided to go for Ladies Day which was today. It was held at the Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne and was a complete gong show! Hot Aussie men in suits, girls in classy dresses.. all getting shitfaced and betting on horses. It was so Pretty Womanish! Pretty much the biggest outdoor wedding reception ever!

We got there around noon and found a place on the grass to sit in the overcrowded garden. Everyone had fancy hats, pretty dresses, and champagne. I have no clue about horse racing so I stayed put with my other friends who were in the same boat, just sipping away at our $30 bottle of champagne. After about 5 hours of baking in the sun and crazy laughs, we were pretty wasted. It was an absolute gorgeous day!
If there is only one thing you HAVE do in Melbourne.. go to the CUP!


2 thoughts on “The Event That Stops a Nation

  1. The racing carnival actually lasts for a few weeks with quite a few days like Oaks Day and Stakes Day that have different themes like ‘ladie’s day and family day’. The Melbourne Cup is the premiere day in the Spring Racing Calendar 🙂


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