Mid-Semester Break

I got a bit sick of flying and staying in hostels. I think the novelty has worn off. So my friends and I decided to rent a car for this week which we have off, to just drive around the local places which we haven’t had a chance to explore.

 We rented an 88 yellow Corolla which was super cheap from the Rent a Bomb and yes, you can rent bombs here! I finally got to drive on the other side of the road and it was a little confusing at first. I kept turning to my right to change gears, it just takes practice. But these roundabout are a bitch to conquer.. and for sure I cannot drive in the city. Thank goodness Tracy has mastered the wheel!

First we went to wander the Bellarine Peninsula for the day. We had a chance to go there in February on a bus with all the international students but we only got about an hour at Queenscliff and Ocean Grove. This time we wanted to hit all the small coastal towns.
The Bellarine Peninsuala is south east in comparison to Geelong and is about an hour drive. The towns are all on the coast and from Queenscliff, which is the town that is furthest on the tip of the coast, you can take a ferry to Sorrento, which is also the Mornington Peninsula, to the other side of Melbourne. Both these peninsulas form Corio Bay which is what Geelong sits on as well as Melbourne smack in the center.

 We headed first to Queenscliff and made our way back inwards, hitting Point Lonsdale and Ocean Grove. We got too tired to make it to Barwon Heads. All these towns are very similar; great beaches, lighthouses, small town shops, friendly people, great cafes!
It was bit chilly today so we couldn’t spend too much time on the beach.

Yesterday we headed back to the Great Ocean Road because you can never get sick of it!
The Road is filled with heaps of rainforests and pretty sights, and our main goal was to make it to Erskine Falls which is near Lorne. It’s almost impossible to get there without a car, and with a car it was pretty scary getting there. But the falls was totally worth it!!

After the falls we went to Teddy’s Lookout from where you can see the area of Lorne as well as the bit of the Road. It was awesome! And it was a beautiful day so the ocean was teal.
We couldn’t leave till we had the chicken Caesar wrap from the Reef cafe in Lorne.. seriously the best I have ever had!! One thing I will miss for sure is living so close to the ocean, especially the Great Ocean Road because if I had a car, I’d be here every weekend!

Finally we headed to the You Yangs which are located just outside of Geelong but can be seen from the city, especially the bay. They look like mountains but they are really just huge hills where you can go mountain climbing. Mathew Flinders (the man that mapped the waters of Australia) climbed up this mountain (or hill) and saw the land that surrounded it, and saw Corio Bay for the first time. John Batman (founder of Melbourne) climbed up there and saw Geelong for the first time, and then he bought it from the aborigines.

You Yangs is actually an aboriginal name for the place meaning exactly what it is.. a huge hill in the middle of nowhere. It consists of granite rocks and very barren land. This week there was an actual production crew filming for the movie Where the Wild Things are, which stars Tom Hanks. Unfortunately we didn’t get any glimpses of famous faces.

We did climb up the smallest hill called Big Rock and it was pretty windy again. The view is really nice because you can see Geelong from up there and I’m sure if the grass was greener it would be a good place to picnic. The rock itself is pretty slippery and due to the wind, it was knocking us all over.


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