The Great Barrier Reef

Yesterday was our day trip into the Pacific ocean to discover the many islands which create the area of the Whitsundays. The boat we were on was pretty fun. The crew members loved to pick on us cuz of our Canadian accents, a normal thing in Australia I find. The entire are of the Whitsundays is classified as marine park so it is protected which is pretty awesome because it is absolutly beautiful!!

We first hit the Whitsunday Island and hiked up to a viewing point from which you can see White haven beach. The water looked amazingly turquoise and I was overwhelmed by the beauty of it.
Next we went to White haven beach which is made up of silica sand, apparently the best for your skin because it actually exfoliates, plus its pure white and super soft sand. We only got about an hour to lie in the sun but it was gorgeous! It was amazing to see such a beautiful island totally inhabited, I almost felt like I was on an episode of Lost.

After lunch we went to Hill’s Inlet to snorkel. This was my second time snorkelling, my first time was in Cancun and it was a great experience so I was really looking forward to it, but at the same time I am still afraid of entering water which have creatures below. But as soon as I got on my wetsuit and jumped in, my worries disappeared.
I was snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef… I couldn’t believe it!!
I still can’t get over how there is such an amazing and colourful world down there, under the sea, yet we really don’t realize it. Seeing it with my own eyes only made me realize how much of Finding Nemo could be true. I saw numerous schools of fish and heaps of coral. I also got to see a SEA TURTLE!! but it was off the side of the boat. The trip was awesome and totally worth it! We were exhausted by the time we got back to the hostel. I am still in disbelief that I actually got to see all the great sights that I did today.. it makes me wonder how many more amazing places there are in the world that I am still unaware of.

We had to wake up bright and early today to go PARASAILING!!
I was really really nervous because of my crazy fear of heights. But Carly has the same fear, plus Emma has a fear of sharks, so put us all together with a parachute attached to a boat in the Pacific and it was actually a pretty awesome time!

Before they harnessed us in we got to see a father and his 2 young kids do it, so that made me a bit more confident. Going up was really cool, everything just kept getting smaller and smaller. Once we were high in the sky the feeling was absolutely fantastic!! I couldn’t believe how high I was, it was just an incredible feeling that I just can’t find the words to describe.
When they started to reel us in, the driver of the boat thought it would be amusing to drag us through the water, which at 10am was pretty freezing cold!! We tried to keep our legs up as far as we could, but that only made him drag us in deeper. It was scary at first because it was unexpected but in the end it was pretty damn fun. I can’t WAIT to do it again and I am so glad I didn’t let my fear get the best of me.

We leave the Whitsundays tomorrow and although it has been good times, I’m glad to leave because you truly don’t need 5 days in this small coastal town. There is only so much to do on land, unless the plans are to just get shitfaced daily.


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