A Sailing Town with a Drinking Problem

Yesterday was spent wandering the town of Airlie Beach. That didn’t take very long; like all small towns it consists of one main street which holds all the shops and tourist stores where you can book the tours to go sailing and other crazy stuff like diving, snorkeling and parasailing,all of which we are going to be doing this week (well I’m not diving, only Tracy is).

Airlie Beach sunset

We’re not doing the sailing trips because they are mostly overnight and being at sea in a boat for so long makes me scared. I’m claustrophobic and just thinking about it makes me sick. It’s also pretty pricey, then again it does include activities and meals. Instead we are just going to go on a day trip which hits all the major spots tomorrow.
Carly and Emma (my roommate and her friend) arrived today so the posse is complete.
I think we have visited each of the shops at least 3 times by now, and hanging out at the hostel just makes us wanna eat. I have been reading a lot, it’s really mellow out here but also warm and that’s the main reason I came up here at this time of the year. I can’t stand to be uncomfortably hot. It’s humid during the day, a bit sticky, but cool at night so it’s almost perfect. Our hostel was a pretty good deal, they are 4 people dorms and our roomates so far have been cool to talk to. It got a bit loud at night that I actually had to use ear plugs to get to bed the past few nights. But the location is perfect since it’s a little outside the town strips. The few hostels in the town seem to be party central; they have bars attached and I really don’t know how anyone staying there gets any rest. It reminds me of spring break in Florida.

The shitty part of Airlie Beach is that you can’t swim in the ocean, and the beach, well there really is no beach! It’s a sailing town so all you see are boats. So to make up for this they built a lagoon that is right by the ocean. So you can lie and get some sun while gazing out at the Pacific, and if you feel for a dip, you can jump into the lagoon without the fear of jellyfish.

Last night we hit the bar and had a few pitchers of snakebite (beer, cider and raspberry cordial.. YUM!) which had me pretty plasterd. The bar was set out in a courtyard and had a little band playing and we LOVE live music. But it was also packed and we had to ask a lonesome older lady if she could scoot over. She happily agreed and since she was reading a book we figured it would be ok. The second we sat down she put her book down and started to drink with us. She was super nice and American so it was hard to ignore or be rude about it. She ended up telling us about her adventures, and she is the closest I have ever come to in meeting a real life pirate! She owns a 40 feet catamaran with her partner and they are sailing the high seas because one day she just got sick of working in the Silicone Valley. It was quite interesting, until she tried to push into entering the wet t-shirt competition. That’s the thing about travelling, you never know who you will meet!!


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