Back to Queensland

My roommate Tracy and I flew into Hamilton Island, which is one of two airports in this part of Queensland. We ventured up here for the Great Barrier Reef – Cairns and the Whitsundays are the two best places to get access to it. Flying to Cairns is pretty expensive and my other roommate had already been there earlier this year, so Whitsundays it was! Plus we got an awesome deal with Jetstar since it’s the middle of the Aussie winter.
Whitsundays from the plane

Hamilton Island is a small island, one of many in the Whitsunday area. This area is called the Whitsundays because of a holiday actually of the same name, and it was named by Captain Cook, the founder of Australia. I believe he came upon the island during white sunday, also known as Easter in those days. Australians flock to this area of the country for holidays and its pretty similar to the Carribeans for North Americans. It’s almost always warm up here, or raining and the coastal view is beautiful. If one day you don’t fancy the ocean, you can head inland towards the rainforests. The possibilites with nature are endless!

Airlie Beach

Hamilton Island is a holiday resort, most of the islands are, so being students we decided to stay at Airlie Beach, which is the small town from where you can head towards the islands.
Our flight was 3 hours from Melbourne and Jetstar was pretty good for what we paid.


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