Back to my Favourite City

After being home for a few days I decided to venture back into my favourite city in Australia : Melbourne.

There is still so much for me to explore and that’s what I did, although it was a gloomy winter day.
I spent a few hours in Fitzroy which the suburb that is known for its funky Bohemian fashion stores and cafes. After some browsing and shopping I wasn’t too pleased, I suppose the nightlife might be what makes this place hot because it is known for its live music at most of the jazz bars.
I then spent some time at the Immigration museum which I had initially tossed off as boring, but I was more than intrigued once I was inside. They also had Bollywood Dreams exhibit which was to open the next day and I was disappointed, but I will go back just for that, plus I love that museums are free here for students. I can spend days in museums, they totally fascinate me!

I later went to Melbourne Central which is a massive 4 story shopping mall which also has a shoe muesum in it, but I didn’t go to it. I spent some time browsing before heading home.

One of my favourite places for shopping in Melbourne is the Victoria Market which is massive flea market just north of the city center. The only flaw is that many of the stalls have repetitive merchandise and most of them are souvenir type things. I definitely need to make a trip there before I head home.
Wandering through the small alley ways and arcades is my favourite thing to do in Melbourne; each arcade takes you to a new one which usually ends at an alley way type street on which you find heaps of cafes and restaurants. It makes me feel like I’m in Europe.. it’s absolutely fascinating!! I always seem to find new ways to get to a street through exploring the small streets as well as find new boutiques and cafes.

I don’t know why but small things like that make me squeel and make me wish that Toronto would adapt some of it. Then again, the reason that they interest me is because I’m not used to it. If Toronto was shaped in the same fashion, then Melbourne wouldn’t intrigue me in the same way.

FYI: Arcades are small shopping centers, usually pretty narrow and single leveled. I’m not quite sure why they call them arcades here, but most of them are pretty historic esp in Melbourne and are designed in Victorian decor which is beautiful to walk through and admire. Walking through an arcade totally distracts you from the stores because it overwhelms you and makes you forget where you really are. But some of the newer ones are plain and simply boring!!


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