Law Ball and Brissy

Last night was Bond university’s annual law ball at Conrad Jupitar’s which is the casino. The theme was Viva Las Vegas, how appropriate! It was good times, with a 3 course meal and all you can drink beer and wine which is seems to be everywhere in this country, and I’m so not complaining.  The after party was at a club called Melbas which is at Surfer’s Paradise. This club is pretty popular because most of the people that have been to the Gold Coast have told me to go there, but once I was there I really didn’t see what the big deal was about. Maybe I was a bit too intoxicated to really notice.

Well because we were too tired we decided to do a day in Brisbane instead of the weekend. Travelling really takes a toll on you!


Ajitha and I took the train to Brisbane for the day. The train took us almost 2 hours which was really ridiculous. But it was pretty cheap to ride the train since with the ticket you can also use the buses as well as the ferries. But we didn’t end up using either.
Once we got into Brisbane we were puzzled as to what we should do. It was a pretty gray day so we weren’t too keen on walking too much especially because we both didn’t know much about the city. We decided just to walk around the main streets. We stumbled across a cathedral which looked somewhat significant and we later found out it was one of the oldest cathedrals in Brisbane. Afterward we headed to the Brisbane river which is what I was really interested in seeing. For some odd reason I have an obsession with rivers, lakes and oceans and its really satisfying that every major city or town has something or the other.
The river was very big, especially compared to the Yarra river in Melbourne. The buildings in Brisbane all looked to be old, but not naturally of course. We decided the best thing to do on a grey day is to go shopping.. or in our case, browsing. And if Brissy is good for anything, that is it!! Queen street mall is massive and we spent most of our day there, just looking through stores, eating as we went which was great. All the malls are connected so you pretty much go from one to another without even realizing it.

Brisbane is officially the most boring city I have ever been to. It has nothing of real significance; it’s filled with government bulidings that are made to look ancient, heaps of stores, and the river. I’m really glad I didn’t waste my weekend there, but I am glad I got to see it for what it’s worth.


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