Sufer’s Paradise is Pretty Gloomy

I arrived in the Gold Coast on Sunday. My flight from Melbourne was only 2 hours and it’s another hour on the air train from the Brisbane airport to the Gold Coast. I didn’t see much of Brisbane on the train, but this weekend will be spent soaking up as much as I can in 2 days.

 With my BFF at Surfer’s

 I came to the Gold Coast to visit my best friend, Ajitha. She has been here for almost two years, studying law at Bond Univeristy which is located right by the coast. It’s a beautiful campus, especially because it is a private university. There are many Canadians just like at Deakin which is very welcoming. Ajitha lives with a few other Canadians in a nice house, similar to mine in Geelong. The only difference is that the Gold Coast is very tropical and is like Florida in comparison to Geelong or the state of Victoria which is more like Toronto. The coast is filled with vacation properties, tourists, and stores. It definetly is a great change of weather from the south but for the locals, such as my friend Ajitha who is always in a winter jacket, this is freezing. I on the other hand, love it!!! Geelong at the moment is super cold and I was pushing it with the flip flops, but here its perfect flip flops and capri weather. But they are spoiled with 40+ temperature in the summer so the winter here stands at 20 degrees and the heaters come on.

Today Ajitha and I went to Surfer’s Paradise. It is structured exactly like Manly Beach which kinda threw me off. Now I’m feel like if you’ve seen one beach, it’s like you saw them all here. I suppose it’s just because they are major tourist attractions here. The beach itself is beautiful; its a very long strip right up the east coast and it looks beautiful from the plane. I also had the best New York pizza at Surfers at a small pizza parlor, it was delish!
Ajitha tells me that Surfer’s is much better at night when the nightlife comes alive, and also that it’s more booming in the summer time. The beach was completely deserted when we were there. Although it was too cold to tan or swim in the ocean, it was still nice enough for a stroll. But I suppose the Australians won’t come out unless it is for a tan or to surf.


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