The Reality of Travelling

Travelling for a short time is rewarding because you know that you will be home within a few weeks or months at the least. So enjoying your time is easy and finances usually are not an issue.
The hard task of travelling in a country for 10 months is realizing that you are in fact not travelling anymore, but LIVING there, therefore, it stops being a vacation.

I came to this realization about a month ago, when I was shopping and saw some clothing that I wanted to buy because you always want something to remember your stay, and clothing is ideal (at least for me since I love to shop!). Then it hit me, I will be here for several more months in which fashion will change, the seasons will change, and the scenery, the government, the atmosphere around me will all change. Rather than me getting up and leaving for change, these changes will occur around me because this is where I live now.. Geelong is my home, the base to travel within Australia for now.

I am dealing with the reality quite well I think although waves of homesickness come and go. Having great roommates really help, I was much more miserable on residence where all everyone does is get hammered in order to escape the reality.

More travel plans lay ahead:
I’m going to visit my friend Ajitha from June. 11-21 in Brisbane/Gold Coast
My roommate Tracy and I are going to the Whitsundays from July 6-10
My friend Joanne and I are going to spend a few days in Auckland, NZ on our stopover when we are going home in December

Although travelling is great because you get to experience so many great things in new places and see so much more than your eyes can acquire, it can also be overwhelming and chaotic. This is especially true for the planning process which at this point, makes me squirm. I am so tired of trying to organize things just because it does get rather frustrating since there is always so much to do and choosing the rights things is a difficult task. Having to consider how much you can do with the funds available is also another element that adds to the planning process.
Overall I’m almost at my wits end with travelling. I think by the end of my year in Australia, I am not going to want to go anywhere for a while.


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