The Final Day in Sydney

Our last day in Sydney started with a trip to the Rocks market. It’s the historic part of Sydney where the settlers first landed and the market is great. I got some postcards and some pins.

Sydney Skyline

We then took the train to Newtown which is the queer suburb of Sydney. It wasn’t that exciting but it had more diversity though than the city which was made up of a lot of Asians. Newtown was a small community and had a huge African population mixed with the gay population. After Newtown we headed to Burwood to meet Pravin for the TYO’s (Tamil Youth Organization of Australia) Share Refuge at Burwood Park. They didn’t have a big turn out as they had hoped for but it was good to meet Sydney Tamils and talk to them about their take on Sri Lanka and their work with TYO (Tamil Youth Organization). Burwood Park was pretty for its location in the middle of a busy suburb.
Rocks Market
Pravin drove us to the next suburb over which was known as the Tamil area of Sydney. We had dinner at Janani’s, a Tamil restaurant, apparently the most famous one in Australia since it was one of the first to be opened only a few years ago. It was Laura’s first Tamil food experience and she loved it, especially after learning so much about it in the few days she had spent with me. Then it came time for us to part, another 10 hours on a train back to Melbourne, for which I just slept. This was truly one of the best trips I had taken… it was filled with great conversations with Laura and Pravin, especially cuz we all share the same insight for so many things, and having so many random encounters which Laura and I seem to attract when we are together.
Definitely one of the BEST trips I have ever been on! Discovering Sydney in 3 days had been accomplished with great memories to last with a wonderful travel buddy.


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