Day 2 in Sydney

Manly Beach

We started the day by heading to Manly Beach which you have to take a ferry to get to. The ferry ride was about 30 minutes and Manly beach is pretty quaint compared to Sydney. The beach is lovely and filled with surfers and I loved that Sydney was so warm, but not hot. Laura and I went shopping after hanging out on the beach a little bit. On the way back to Sydney we were able to take the Jetcat which is a faster ferry, it took 15 minutes and takes you right up to the opera house on the water which was really cool.

By the time we got back to our rooms and got changed for the symphony, we were running late!! So we had to rush to the opera house and sure enough we JUST made it. Laura went ahead of me since I was in flip flops and can’t walk as fast with my short lil legs, so by the time I got into the concert hall the usher just pulled me in and told me sit anywhere, in the FRONT area!! I was in the 10th row: the one hundred dollar something section, for the first half of the symphony. It was GREAT! An experience like none other, it was my first symphony and I’m surprised as to why I have not gone to any earlier. I met Laura at intermission and sat in my real seat for the rest of it. The symphony was called Bohemia and it was a tribute to Prague. Pieces by 3 different composers were played including Mozart and one of them included an oboe solo which was magnificent. It made me want to re-think pulling out my clarinet when I got home.

We met Pravin again for drinks at bar in the city center. But the city was not as alive as the Cross, it seems that the real fun was where we were staying. The city was a bit more relaxed and had a great divide in people when it came to the bar scene. After a few drinks we headed back to the Cross but we had missed the last train. So we had to take the night bus but apparently the train workers are confused about their own service and had us running around for a bit before we found the bus we were to take. Because we were so tired it took us a little while to realize that we had missed our stop once on the bus and only after we got off did we realize that we were in Paddington, the next suburb over. After walking for 10 mins at 2am in an unknown area of the city with no map, we decided we should get a cab, and thank god we did cuz we would have never figured it out on our own.

It was an exhausting day! but great nonetheless. Great conversations + great friends = GOOD TIMES!


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