3 Days in Sydney

The 10 hour train ride from Melbourne to Sydney didn’t not feel that long at all. It’s prolly cuz the first five was spent catching up on the gos with Laura.

We managed to get into Central Sydney station and take the double decker Sydney subway train into King’s Cross where we stayed at a backpacker’s hostel called the Jolly Swagman.
King’s Cross is infamous for two things: backpackers and nightlife. The streets are lined up with strip joints and prostitutes, along with bars, clubs, street vendors and the homeless. The culture is great and Laura and I were glad that we got to have our Sydney experience among the reality of the city, rather than the touristy center part of the city.
Our first day spent wandering the city… we walked for hours which was great!! I think it’s the absolute best way to explore any new city. When you are in a car or a bus you just miss all the small stuff. We walked to Macguaire’s chair from which you get a great view of the Opera house and the Harbour bridge. While taking pictures we got attacked by Chinese tourists who for some reason wanted to take their pics with us.. not the landscape of Sydney, but us. It was wierd since they couldn’t really communicate due to their lack of English, but we didn’t really have a choice. After about 10 or more pics with random Chinese men we told them that was enough, these Asian superstars had to go. And I swear our pics are on some random Chinese website somewhere.

We walked around Sydney harbour and explored the opera house… it was beautiful!! We also got tickets to the symphony for the next night and we were hella excited. Laura took me into the bathroom which she found to be super nice and we amused ourselves by taking more pics, cuz that’s what Laura and I do best!
After a much needed nap back at the hostel we went to meet my friend Pravin for dinner at Darling harbour, which is very similar to Southbank in Melbourne; very touristy with flashy cafes and restaurants. The one thing I did not know about Sydney was that they had a monorail. Apparently it’s not that popular since it’s very expensive to ride and I hated that it was interfering with the building and landscape of the city.

On the walk back to the hostel we walked through Hyde Park which also has the Pool of Reflection which was very beautiful in the moonlight. We had a pre-drinking session in our hostel room before heading out into the Cross for some jamming. We went to a bar/club about 2 seconds down the alley from our hostel and the night just kept on getting better. The people at this place were so diverse and different from what you see in Melbourne or Geelong.. we met a gay duo, one of whom was Bengali and started to kiss my hand when Laura pointed out that I was Sri Lankan. Then there were random Indian dudes who could barely speak English trying to tell me I was a good dancer, a dude from Tassy and his Canadian friend that just wouldn’t leave us alone, and just randoms that were getting annoyed that Laura and I weren’t dancing with any guys.

 Pool of Reflection

We were smashed and the Mackers at the end of the night just hit the spot!!
I really like Sydney, it’s a refreshing change from what I have been used to in Victoria.


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