Jammin in G-town

Geelong is a small town, well the “town” is pretty small and its where most of the businesses are located, along with the numerous bars and clubs. The rest of Geelong is just residential areas and are known by different names known as suburbs. My school is located in the suburb of Waurn Ponds which is about 30 minutes by bus from town, and I live in the suburb known as Belmont which is 10 mins to town by bus. So the reason Geelong seems so small is because the actual entertainment area is pretty compressed which is actually kind of neat as well because bar hopping is made easy this way.
Most weekends start on Thursday night which is Uni night and so it’s pretty cheap. Fridays are laid back and spent recovering from the crazy Thursdays – then it starts all over again on Saturday and again usually on Sunday if you are a real trooper.
Going out and drinking is very big in Geelong as well as a huge part of Aussie culture, or so I have come to understand.

This weekend was the Easter long weekend and Easter is pretty full blown in Australia. I was told this weekend was supposed to be pretty big for partying because long weekends are the biggest excuse to party here, regardless of what it might be for. I went out with some Aussie friends to Lamby’s on Saturday night. Lamby’s usually has a live band which is great, but they are known to be the best on Sunday nights. The best part of the pubs here is that beer is pretty cheap. Carlton Draught is about $2-$3 for a pot (which is a half pint) and sometimes you can get Stella for the same price.
Certain nights are better than others though, based on your budget of course.
Thursdays are of course the cheapest because it is uni night:
Eureka is the huge sleazy bar that EVERYONE goes to after a bar or club. its the ultimate after party on every day of the week. And on Thursday and Friday nights drink are CHEAP.. $3 for mixed drinks and $2 beer!! Plus, this place is only good when you are smashed.
I have gone go Eureka (or the Stinky as the locals call it) almost every time I have gone out… the party goes on till 8am. Yep, these Australians sure know how to party.


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