Jammin in Melbs

The Yarra River

This was my second time going out in Melbourne. The first time was a few weeks ago and I had gone to the city with my friend Carly to attend a going away dinner for her friend who was leaving Oz to travel in England. We ended up getting drinks at a nice little bar/restaurant called Portland, something which was on Little Colins road & Russell. The bartender was very friendly, well most of them are as soon as they hear my Canadian accent.
After we were all filled up with a good amount of alcohol we headed to Crown casino which is over the bridge. That was my first time inside Crown and I was mesmerized by how huge it was. Plus it had a food court, a movie theater and a handful of night clubs.
That night we went to Mercury which is a club located inside Crown and the music was really good. But the drinks are super expensive in comparison to smaller towns like Geelong.

 Melbourne sunset

This time I went to the city with Carly for a hen’s night. We started the night off bar hopping with the bride-to-be. Melbourne is filled with bars that are hidden in dark alleys, but you can’t let that fool you. Usually the bars are packed with all sorts of friendly Aussies and tourists along with great music.
We first went to a jazz bar that had two floors. The first floor was more of a bar and the upper floor had a jazz band that was pretty good. This jazz bar was also known for its specialty in cocktails and they were expensive!! The best part of being in Australia is the cheap wine which doesn’t taste cheap at all, simply because they are produced locally. And so becoming intoxicated doesn’t have to be that expensive, unless of course you hate wine.
The next bar we went to was Transport bar which is in Federation square, right across the street from Flinders station.
It had a massive line and looked almost like a club from outside because it was packed, but once we got inside you can tell why it was so popular. It had an awesome female DJ and the drinks were not that expensive for a such a big and popular bar. This place was jammin, it was awesome, and so packed with great people.After the bar we headed to Crown again to hit a club and this time we went to Odeon which looked just like Mercury except they had a live band but it wasn’t that great. I liked Mercury much better my friends told me Blue which is on the bottom level, is a much better club but for some reason they were only letting in select people. I hate exclusive places like that though.
on the boardwalk, in front of Crown Casino

Melbourne definitely has a great night life. It reminds me so much of Toronto because of how big it is as a city, the small dark alley streets, people wandering on the streets at all hours of the day, and the great attitude towards having a great time. The city is just so welcoming, The best part is the beautiful Yarra river that runs through the vast cosmopolitan city. The first time I was in Melbourne I was determined to dip my toes in the river, and that I did at 5am. The river shines with the moonlight and at one part there are small steps that lead into the water, just like the river Ganges in India. I absolutely adore big cities with rivers running through them (London, Paris), I feel like it adds so much character because here is a great piece of nature in the middle of industrialized chaos.


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