Lounging in Lorne

I spent an amazing weekend in Lorne with the 12 other Canadian students that are also in my teaching program at Deakin Uni. It turned out to be non-stop partying, as usual. It’s what Australians do best, and it has definitely started to rub off on me. We got to Lorne Friday evening. We stayed in hill top cottages which were super nice for the price we paid. Carly, Tracy and I (the roomates) were together in a cottage. Tracy got the queen on the main floor while Carly and I got the beds in the FORT! Ok, it’s not really a fort but you have to climb up a ladder to get to the top part which is more like a loft but Carly and I were decided that it shall be called the fort.

We went to Lorne pub Friday night, the ONLY pub in Lorne. The story of country towns, or small towns in Oz is that they all only have two pubs, the upper pub and the lower pub. This is due to the small population of permanent residents, but Lorne is a very popular tourist town, especially in the summer (which is ending now) because of its beautiful beaches and surf.

Bells Beach in Torquay, on the way to Lorne

I finally had a meat pie that was frest from a bakery at 2am on Friday night, after the bar and it was AMAZING, although the 420 ones form 711 aren’t that bad as well.
I had my very first surf lesson on Saturday. It was exciting but the waves weren’t very big and I was hungover which didn’t help much. BUT the surf instructors were cuties as are most of the surfers here. Surfing is HARD work. You need a lot of arm stregnth since you have to push yourself up on the board. I only managed to sit up on my knees and that took me a while. I really don’t think surfing is my sport, but just lying on the surfboard on the small waves is tons of fun, not to mention very relaxing.
While the others went on a bushwalk (Aussie word for hiking), Carly and I decided we should go shopping since it was great weather. We had dinner at the Lorne hotel which is above the Lorne pub. It turned out to be another blurry night as we all headed back to the Lorne pub after a few bottles of wine. The best part of the night though was when I went to the beach at 3am just to hear the waves. Unfortunatly I had lost my friends and was on my own which is what I think I wanted because there is nothing quite like hearing the crashing waves on a sweet summer night while sitting on the beach all alone, intoxicated.
But the Aussies came to my rescue and that is why I love this country. Some random people on the beach saw me and escorted me back to my cottage.

before my first surfing lesson

The following day was spent on a bus for a tour of Great Ocean Road.
I also saw koalas for the first time, they are so furry and cute.
After that we went to Port Campbell national park where the 12 apostles are. I wasn’t really interested to see them but once I was there, I was very glad I made the trip. The 12 Apostles are mind blowing!! I never knew it was one of the natural wonders of the world and after seeing them, I can definetly understand why. It’s something that you just have to be there for. After the apostles we went to Loch Ard Gorge which is a historic site where a ship had crashed in the 19th century. It’s a very beautiful, quite area almost like something out of survivor. We then went to Gibson’s steps where there are plenty of tiny steps that lead to another beach, but from the top of the steps you get a magnificent view of the beach and the people look teeny. The waves are massive and the crashing is great!!

 12 Apostles

It was an amazing weekend on the Great Ocean Road which was built in the early 1900’s by veterans. The road runs right on the south coast of Australia, on the Southern ocean and it starts just after Geelong, by Torquay. I had also gone to Apollo Bay about 3 weeks ago which is just a little past Lorne but it’s much more quieter and is a fishing community. It’s definitely not as touristy as Lorne.


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