After being home for 3 and a bit months I was more than ready to leave again for another adventure. I love Toronto with all my heart but right now I’m not ready to settle without seeing the rest of the beauty that surrounds it.

Deakin University – Waurn Ponds campus

I have been in Geelong for a month now. I don’t think much people come here for vacations because it’s a smaller city, although it is the second biggest city in Victoria, with Melbourne being the biggest. The only reason I am here is for school. I am attending Deakin University in a small suburb of Geelong known as Waurn Ponds.

Geelong is actually a gold mining town on the coast.  The waterfront is beautiful although you can’t really swim in the waters due to the pollution from the industries. But a half hour drive takes you to Torquay which is known as the one of the best surf beaches in the world. It is also the home of Ripcurl which is a popular surf competition. It is also an hour train ride to Melbourne which is north from here. So it is quite convenient because you are close enough to the city but you have a small town feeling, which is the main reason I chose to come here for my year at teacher’s college.

So far I love this town, it has really become home. For a small city this place can party – starting on Thursday nights which is known as Uni night, the party starts in the city center. There are many pubs and clubs that get really going all the way through to Sunday night. The party scene is a lot of fun and you can grab great deals at some places.

The waterfront

The people of Geelong are also really friendly, very helpful and easy going; then again, I think that’s the attitude of Australia as a whole.
The lifestyle is what I like the best here; it is very laid back and relaxed, although at times I think it might be TOO relaxed. They don’t take things too seriously and everything takes forever to be processed here. Stores and malls close at 5pm, even on weekends and there is absolutely NO stress! I think it’s the reason why this part of the country is known as the most livable cities in the world, especially because it’s not too hot and not that cold.

You always have to be in layers because the mornings start off a bit cold but by noon you need to be in a tank top. But as soon as the sun starts to set, it starts to cool off again. Being close to the water also contributes to the cool breeze, which is actually great on a really hot day.


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