I made it to Stuttgart late last night. My uncle picked me up at the station.
I met some cool dudes on the train over from Paris that were in the French Army. They didn’t know enough English but I knew they were fighting over which one got to talk to me which was cute. They pretty much took care of me till I got to Strasbourg which was nice. One of them was originally from Tahiti and looked very exotic. I love the French accent and their struggle to speak English, it’s hella cute.

The train to Stuttgart took abour 8 hours. I got into the station at about midnight and my uncle was a little bit late picking me up and I kinda panicked. As soon as I got into the station I recognized it right away because I had been there about 3 years ago when I came with my mom.
Germany isn’t all that exciting, or so I think I guess because it’s prolly one of the countries I have been to the most in the world simply because my mother and I have so many attachments to it.
My first language other than Tamil was German, but it’s a shame I forgot it once I moved to Canada cuz it would have been useful. And every time I go to Germany I get that sense of home, especially in Mulhiem which is where I lived when I was younger for three years.

Munchen – Munich

My uncle took me for a day trip to Munchen. It took a few hours drive and I was totally doing the touristy family sites, but when you are with family what else can you really do? First was the aviation museum followed by a garden and a walk through the city. I’m very grateful he took me out to do anything at all because when I stay with family, I’m actually not allowed to do anything at all unless supervised by an ‘adult’.


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