Last Day in the City of Love

What is with the guys in Paris?
Have they never seen a brown girl before? There are plenty of them, so why the hell do they stare as if they are at a zoo?!?!?  I have been hit on by so many random guys in this city that it’s disgusting. Well, at least I know there is plenty of confidence in the air in Paris.

Friday was awesome! I finally made it to the Eiffel tower and took loads of pics. I tried to find Notre Dame but ended up somehow at Saint Chapelle.. and then I was too tired to try because it was another hot day.
I got some yummy gelato and walked in the alleys filled with little boutiques instead.

I went clubbing on Friday night. We went to Six Seven which is on Champs Elysees and super expensive! A rum and coca (as they call it) is 12 euros!!!! That’s murder!!! I did manage to get tipsy of the expensive alcohol and I was with Haran and his friends who are really cool guys to hang out with. I had such an awesome awesome time, I totally miss clubbing!
I went back to Champs Elysees and did some shopping. Champs Elysess is filled with designer stores, it’s like Berverly Hills, Parisian style. And it’s super touristy so it’s always packed. It’s also cuz the Arc de Triomphe is right in the middle of it, it was funny seeing Japanese tourists taking so many pics of themselves in the middle of all the chaos.

At this point I don’t think I will travel along again; it is good but most times you wish someone was there, especially to take pics!
But this is the first time.. but at the same time I like the independence of being able to do anything.

Ahhh Paris, how I will miss thee!
Paris is by far the BEST city I have ever been to, and as of now, it is my most favorite city in the world! As soon as you step out and smell the French air you are in love. It’s so complex to explain the many layers to this intriguing city.. all I know is I will be back sooner than later.


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