Goodbye My Lovely Swantown …

I have mixed emotions about leaving.
I love this little town that has somehow become home in the past 2 and a half months, and I know once I leave I will never come back.
The memories will be cherished forever.

Old Harry’s Rock, an iconic site in Swanage

At the same time, regardless of how beautiful Swanage is, you just have to get out because of how isolated and small it is. I guess there is always a good and bad to everything. And it’s not just the town, its the people that I have met here as well that made my experience so beautiful.

I also started packing a few days ago and got frustrated. I managed to pack more than I had expected and that’s because of the crazy shopping I have done here. But I love the fashion here, its not cliche like North America.
I’m going to Chippenham to spend a few days with British mate before heading to Corfe Castle, which is just known for the oldest pub in England, the Greyhound. From Corfe you can take one of the oldest steam trains (like Thomas the tank engine) to Swanage for the day. The train is run on a fire burning engine,something is that is very rare these days I’ve been told. I’ve taken it once a few weeks ago and it was pretty cool. I plan to also have tea at the beach as I watch the sun set over the ocean. It will be a great end to an amazing summer.

I will definitely miss’s one of the most beautiful towns I have ever seen and lived in. One of my most beautiful memories… a summer in an English paradise.


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