Weekend in London

I did not want to leave from London!

I had the most awesome weekend, and it was all thanx to my friend Bob who I actually met through my blog.
I got into Victoria bus station on Saturday afternoon. I met Bob and we had lunch with a bottle of Chilean wine which hit the spot. We hung out at Russell Gardens for a bit before I went to my hostel. By the time we headed to Wembley stadium for the A.R Rahman concert, we knew we were going to be late.
It was raining (how typical!) and the buses were packed with brown folks. Plus Bob & I were pretty tired. At least we got to hear some of the good songs from outside while we were waiting to pick up tix. The concert was ok, I liked it better in Toronto cuz they had more Tamil songs. It was fun overall though, even getting caught in the rain.
By the time I got to the hostel at midnight I was starved and I decided to walk around the streets of London trying to find food. All I found was a convenience store…and that is when I missed the convenince of Toronto.
I woke up early Sunday in my hostel room with 6 other strangers. How weird is that and mostly just strange men. The hostel experience was ok though- it was my first time ever at a hostel.
I went to the British museum for a whole of 10 mins before deciding that I just wanted to walk. I wanted to see more of London, and that I did. I walked from the museum to Oxford street to Picadilly Circus before I took a break at the statue of Eros.
I enjoyed it so much!! It was one of those perfect moments… like in a movie because everything that surrounds you are things you have seen, but with famous people, on the silver screen… it’s just simply classic.

Pride day in Soho, London

It was awesome just hanging out and then I met up with Bob for a whole new day of fun in the sun. We headed to Soho where it was Pride day. It was totally cool, and on the way Bob bought a super cool pipe that just hangs around your neck. We also had lunch at Nando’s -.yum, how I love Nando’s! And we got free Foster hats at a bar! By the time I got to my coach I was super tired and pretty pissed (as in drunk)! Bob lived up to his promise. I can’t say it enough.. I love London, and I love Bob for making it a memorable experience. It was such a super cool weekend, one I will cherish cuz I have not had this amount of fun in such a long time.

I also finally got a mobile! So now I will be somewhat connected to the outside world because it is very expensive to call cell phones.
I did not want to get out of bed this morning to go to work….man, I need a vacation.
Oh wait, I’m technically on one.


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