Drama Free!

It feels amazing to have no drama around me.
Usually I’m surrounded with family gossip and problems, gossip among friends, etc.
But here I feel so free, because I am so cut off from the rest of world due to the fact that I have no net or a proper cell phone.
I don’t have to take crap from anyone!! No drama from family, from friends cuz they all miss me and love me right now..and definetly no man drama!
What a wonderful feeling this is!

Swanage beach – a very popular tourist destination

In the beginning the idea of seclusion scared me, but now after weeks of having nothing to do but go to school, teach 5 classes a day, then come home and spend the day at my leisure is AMAZING! I usually come home from work, make dinner or laze on the patio, or go to the beach (which is an 8 minute walk) and read, or hang out at the pubs… there is so much to do really… I really enjoy my alone time. And when I need people, they are just a knock away.

The calling cards in Swanage suck!! I just spent over 15 quid in less than 3 weeks calling people in various countries. ApparentlyI’m not buying the right kind according to Dilhan who lives in London and has all the convenience stores at his doorstep, but I am in Swanage with no selection because we have TWO stores where you can get them from. I should definetly go shop around this weekend on my excursion. I got less than 20 mins to Australia!! That’s robbery!


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