Nights Out in Swantown

The girls I live and I went to the beer garden at the Lion’s Pub. It was really nice, with an outdoor heater cuz today was really cold for some reason. We met up with a few other teachers from our school for drinks, but apparently most of the pubs close here at 11pm!!
It’s probably because the English really do have a passion for drinking, to the point it’s prolly not that healthy. They’re pubs are even child-friendly, with play areas in the garden and children menus. It was a bit mind-boggling that you would bring your child to the pub, while you get drunk with your partner or friends.. but I suppose that is the culture.

view of the school I work at, from my house

So the first pub the girls and I went to the King’s Bar which is the only bar that is open late, and that is until 1am. We had some more drinks and the music was really good. It reminded me of hip-hop.
At about 1am when we got kicked out cuz they were closing, my roomate Andrea and I decided to go to the only club in Swanage, The Club, but apprently because we weren’t “members” they wouldn’t let us in, even though it was a
 co-worker’s birthday.

Really, we aren’t British and that’s what it’s all about. How sad is that shit?!?
I was totally mad, reminded me of Club Inside in Toronto, with all the exclusivity.
I don’t know if we’re gonna go back to that club ever, but seeing that it’s the ONLY club in Swanage, the chances are high.


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