Fact: there is a river in London

One week at Harrow House as an English teacher…it’s been good.
It was my first time in London yesterday, we took the students on an excursion for the day.
We took a boat tour on the Thames and took some pics.

sitting at the fountain by Picadilly Circus

Why is that I never knew a river ran through London?!? I felt pretty stupid, how the hell did I miss that? We also went to Covent Gardens afterwards which is a very big and popular shopping area in the middle of the city.
London reminds me a lot of Toronto….crazy shops, pedestrians everywhere, traffic, tourists, homeless people, pure CHAOS! Perhaps more chaos and livliness than Toronto though.
I loved it..I LOVE LOVE LOVE London! Too bad I didn’t get enough time to really see all of it, but I did see many of the theatres. It’s just like Broadway. So many plays including The Lion King. I really want to see it, and I heard the Phantom is playing as well… so exciting!! London is the theatre captial, other than NYC.

It’s 10pm yet it only got dark 10mins ago. Gotta love Swanage..and that I do. Not really having anything to do helps you save hella cash! But once you hit London, all you wanan do is shop at all the classy shops such as Zara, just cuz we don’t have them at home.


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